1. Do not rinse your mouth out for at least 24 hours after the procedure. This would cause the site of the surgery to start bleeding.

  2. To prevent bleeding and infection, try to avoid brushing near the open wound.

  3. If bleeding starts again, use the gauze provided in you’re A-List Dentistry aftercare bag, or roll up a clean cotton or linen handkerchief (not tissue or cotton wool), moisten it with water and place it over the socket. Bite on the handkerchief and hold it firmly in place for at least half an hour.  Do not open your mouth whilst you are doing this.

  4. After 24 hours start to rinse your mouth with warm salty mouthwashes (if advised by the dentist). Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water as warm as you can stand it. Take a mouthful and hold it over the socket for about half a minute and then spit it out.  This should be carried out at least 6 times daily until the area is comfortable.

  5. If you need to take anything for pain, take what you normally take for a headache, eg. Paracetamol, Soluble Codeine, Ibuprofen, Solpadine are suggested, as directed on the packet. For children give Paracetamol Elixir (Calpol) in the normal dose as recommended for their age or Ibuprofen suspension. Avoid taking Aspirin – this will encourage the site to bleed (unless your doctor has prescribed it).

  6. If you have been prescribed antibiotics, you must take the full course.

  7. You must contact us if the following occurs:

    • Persistent bleeding that fails to respond to the above treatment

    • Severe pain or swelling

  8. Take care not to bite your lip, cheek or tongue if you are numb.

  9. Some swelling is normal for up to 48 hours following a surgical procedure, as advised by the dentist.

In the case of an emergency please do not hesitate to contact A-List Dentistry on 01274 449967

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