Implant including crown *from £1,900

Are your teeth unstable? Have you lost your teeth due to gum disease? Maybe you’re struggling with loose ill-fitting dentures or having discomfort with your natural teeth?

If you answer yes to any of the above, you might be a suitable candidate for ‘same day teeth’ – sometimes referred to as ‘All-on-4™’ dental implants or ‘Teeth in a day’.

A-List Same Day Teeth offers a revolutionary technique which means we can create a beautiful new smile in the same day, that will look and feel as natural as possible.

How will I know if I am a suitable candidate?

Before commencing the treatment, we will offer you a complimentary consultation to ensure you are a suitable candidate for same day teeth. Important factors to consider that might prevent you from being a suitable candidate can include diabetes or being a heavy smoker. Therefore, we can stress enough how very important it is for patients to understand the importance of good oral hygiene and brushing and flossing regularly, using the correct techniques prior to the placement of the implants.

For candidates who suffer from gum disease, they will need to have the condition dealt with prior to proceeding with Same Day Teeth. Treatment would be undertaken with our Hygienist for a professional clean and a dental plan to maintain good oral hygiene at home. For severe cases of gum diseases more intense gum treatment may be performed, if you are unsure please feel free to contact one of of our dental team for more information.

How does Same Day Teeth work?

We attach a dental bridge to four dental implants to completely restore your smile. We can create a provisional dental bridge for you to wear for approximately three/four months as your dental implants heal, before replacing it with your permanent bridge. This means that, from the day your dental implants are placed, you will have a permanent fixed solution that enables you to show off your beautiful smile.

What are the benefits of having Same Day Teeth?

  • Secured and fixed teeth in just one day (extractions, implants and fixed teeth)

  • Cost effective treatment (Finance available subject to status)

  • Reduced treatment times

  • Surgery performed with the patient either under intravenous (IV) sedation or local anesthetic.

  • Extractions can be performed at the same time, during surgery.

  • It is a very comfortable, alternative procedure.

  • On the same day of the implant placement a full arch fixed prosthesis will be attached to the dental implants so that the patient is never without teeth during the treatment. The provisional restoration looks very natural- no one will even notice that is only a temporary bridge.

Implants are loaded and attached to fixed teeth restorations (or prosthetic teeth replacements) within the same day, reducing the time for the implants to fully be healed and secured into place in the surrounding tissue – no need to go through a period spanning a few months without teeth.

Many patients arrive in the morning to start the treatment, and go home the very same day with a fully functional smile they can be proud of.

Same Day Teeth only require 4 implants to be placed, rather than the usual 6-10 and the procedure is carried out quicker than traditional methods with less surgery. Durable and stable implants are a great way of preventing the inconvenience of denture looseness, slippage and wear, which helps when eating and talking, and allow the new teeth to be treated just like regular teeth.

Patients who have this procedure will be able to enjoy the foods they like, such as sticky food or fruit and vegetables which are normally challenging to denture wearers and they can be cleaned just like natural teeth. As they are securely fixed into the dental implants, they do not rub against the gums.

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